Sunday, September 12, 2010

Virgin Usage Meter Bug Submission

I've been writing a lot of bug replies lately, and most of them are pretty much carbon copies of each other describing what information I need in order to diagnose the problem.

In order to speed up the turn around of bug submissions I think it will be more efficient if I list some details here on describing what I need. That way I get all the information I need up front.

Things to include in your email:
  • A description of the bug
For postpaid accounts
  • A copy of your Bill Preview page (Save file as HTML)
  • A copy of your Mobile Internet Usage page (Save file as HTML)
For prepaid accounts
  • A copy of your Mobile Internet Usage page (Save file as HTML)
  • A copy of your Recharge History page (Save file as HTML)
Important: All data sent to me is private and confidential and will destroyed at the earliest time possible. Please note that I cannot extract passwords from any of the above files and will not abuse or share any of the data I receive.


  1. This is not a bug but can you please make your app available to tablets like Transformer TF101 on the Android marketplace as well?


  2. Hi Fezza, you should be able to find my app now with a tablet.