Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Virgin Usage Meter Tops 10,000 Downloads

A little while ago I wrote an update saying that the Virgin Usage Meter had just broken the 1000 active users mark. Well now I'm ecstatic to say that it has just topped 10,000 total downloads, 10098 to be exact. This is a milestone I never imagined I'd reach let alone in the small time it has been on the market.

Now I know what you're saying, that's a very impressive number but it doesn't really indicate anything of substance. I understand, I mean what's the point of a million downloads if only 100 are actively using it? Well, with that in mind I proudly present the active user count...

75% of downloaders are active users which equates to 7574 active users.

Lets put that number in perspective, I hit 1000 active users in September 28th 2010, which is approximately 5 months ago. Since that time the active user base has grown around 650% in 5 months, that's 130% user base growth per month on average. Now that's some perspective.

Before I sign off I'd like to say the usual thank yous.

A big thank you to all the users, espeically those who stuck through the bugs. I'd also like to say a big thank you to Virgin Australia who have been more than understanding when it comes to my barrage of tweets.


  1. I have this on my HTC Incredible S and beingunable to check regularly on website have relied too much and am still showing a roll over where non exists givng me a BIG bill I am now fighting Virgin for. It was virgin staff who downloaded it onto my phone being an older biddy and not very familiar with androids. Not happy with its updates

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    2. First before I reply say that I'm sorry that you've had issues, you can disable rollover by going into settings and unchecking the "is rollover account" checkbox.

      First of all, lets not bring the Virgin staff member who went above and behind their duty and installed a tool to help YOU manage your data into this. Such things very rarely occur because people like complain if something goes wrong.

      Secondly I understand you not being able to visit the website regularly because it's not exactly mobile friendly. However, you do get a statement every month before you pay your bill. This statement has your roll over for the next month clearly displayed on it. If you didn't check the statement or bother to question the results shown on the third party app (or any app for that matter) that's not the fault of Virgin or myself. My email address is always available for support and Virgin are more than happy to look into perceived billing errors.

      I never have said my app is bug or error free, all I can do is try my very best to make an app that is as accurate as possible given the limitations I have to work with, and to fix any bugs reported to me via email. At the end of the day I do this in my free time, with little to no returns. There is no advertising on my app, there is no feature difference between my free app and the donate version. Yet you come to me with little to no attempts to get support and complain about how my app cost you money. No wonder Virgin don't want to support third party developers, people like you make it too risky because you fail to take any responsibility for yourself.

  2. How about a 5x2 widget update for note/note2 please. Other rhan that its an awsome app