Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Player - public beta

Just a quick heads up for those that are enjoying the leaked Rockbase player. A new public beta version is now available.

From my own personal testing the performance doesn't appear to have improved much, if at all, when compared to the leaked beta. Unfortunately the FPS meter is no longer available which leaves numerical comparison out. One thing I did notice was that H.264 format media I used for testing contained block artifacts which is in stark comparison to the leaked beta which had perfect picture quality.

Considering the performance is roughly the same and the visual quality appears to be better on the leaked version I wouldn't recommend upgrading at this stage. Though if you have specific issues with playback, it might be an idea to try out the new public beta to see if it has been fixed.

Another thing to note is that the public beta adds a non-removable water mark to videos top left corner and expires on July 15. The leaked beta doesn't contain this water mark although I'm not sure if it contains an expiry, I'd be surprised if it didn't.

You can get the public beta from here

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