Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rock Player - DivX and MKV player

I've been on the lookout for a multi-format video player for a while now. Unfortunately the only thing that comes close to a multi-format media player is yxplayer which I've never managed to get working for any other formats than the Android defaults. Well that is until I stumbled across RockPlayer.

RockPlayer is a multi-format beta video player that is not only extremely stable but works surprisingly well. In all of my testing RockPlayer never forced closed even when it was brought to its knees by 720p content.

To test this app's capabilities I used 3 different resolution videos, ranging from your usual 350MB TV episode through to 720P content. The results were rather encouraging.

ResolutionVideo FPSRendered FPS Image Quality Audio Quality
AVI640 x 368 30
29 - 30 Excellent
1280 x 528 23
16 - 17 Excellent
1280 x 720 26
5 - 6 Excellent

If you're looking for something to play HD content then this isn't going to be your silver bullet, well not at the moment anyway. Though for those of you who want to watch videos a little less daunting this may be just the thing you need. Keep in mind though that your mileage may vary on less powered phones.

It can be downloaded here

Full credit to Modaco website for bring this to my attention.

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